Tattoo Familia

TattooFamilia is a top-notch tattoo studio. We project tattoos which cannot be found elsewhere. Our unique tattoo designs are created with a great attention to detail and proper workmanship. We are recognised for our exceptional projects which are created individually for each client.

Tattooing in our studio not only is of the best quality, but guarantees complete safety and hygiene. In our procedures we exclusively use disposable equipment and comply with the requirements of sanitary regulations. We offer a wide choice of tattoo artists so you can choose a person whose tattoo designs you like the most.

Valuation and appointment

Remember, that the proper presentation of your tattoo expectations will allow us to prepare the project and determine the suitable date quicker. What should you write about your tattoo :

- the pattern size in centimeters (height / width)
- the place on the body, where you want to have your tattoo made
- the design (you can describe what you want, attach photos, inspirations , drawings - it will help us to make a project. Try to give as many detail as possible about your expectations)
- approximate date of the visit that would interest you most is also welcome

On the basis of your information, we can determine the price of the tattoo and the date of the visit. To make a reservation, you should pay a down payment and attach your phone number as well. We respond to emails at least once a day - if you haven't received a reply yet, we are probably busy tattooing and will answer right away, or at least as soon as possible.

Our Studios

For our clients' convenience, there are several locations available. Do you want to make a tattoo in Kraków? Let's visit our studio at Sołtyka street, which is very close to the Market Square - in the very centre of Kraków Old Town! You can get your tattoo in Skawina too. Do you live abroad? It is not a problem since we have studios in UK too. Join us in London and Aberdeen!



Styles: Cartoon, Kolor, Tatuaż czarno-szary, Tatuaż kobiecy, Tatuaż realistyczny, Watercolor
Location: Kraków

Magdalena Krzęciasz

Styles: Dotwork, Graficzny, Tatuaż tradycyjny
Location: Kraków

Weronika Nóżka

Styles: Geometria, Grafika, Watercolor
Location: Kraków

Patryk Własinowicz

Styles: Blackwork, Grafika, Mała forma
Location: Kraków

Szczepan Mucha

Styles: Dotwork, Etniczny, Mała forma
Location: Skawina

Robert “Robson” Łypik

Styles: Biomechanika, Kolor, Realizm
Location: Kraków


Address: ul.Sołtyka 5/3a, 31-529 Kraków


work hours:
Monday - Friday 10 am - 7 pm
Saturday 11 am - 6 pm
Sunday 11 am - 3 pm