Questions & Answers

How to care for a tattoo?


Freshly made tattoo needs to be kept clean – we must remember that it is healing the wound, and this is how it should be treated. The dressing should be removed three hours after the treatment. Tattooed place should be washed three times a day with lukewarm water and with the usage of a special gel (do not use for this purpose any scouring pads or sponges). The gel to wash the tattoo is possible to be bought in our shop – on the spot in the studio or via internet- . Then, carefully dry it with a clean and dry towel (we recommend for this purpose disposable paper towels). Once washed place is completely dry, oil it with a tattoo nursing cream Easytattoo (which is in the form of a full package or smaller pouches which can be purchased from us in the studio). Remember to touch the tattoo only with clean hands.
At this time, it is very important that the tattoo does not become soaked – it is recommended to take a quick shower, bypassing the tattooed place. Throughout the healing process (a minimum of two weeks), solarium and sauna, swimming in the areas of water, swimming, sunbathing, and exposing the tattoo to the sun even for a short time are prohibited.
Sometimes you may need to cover the tattoo with dressing for the first few days – ask your tattoo artist for it, and do not prepare the dressing yourself. In the process of healing, scabs may occur – do not tear them, and do not scratch them, as this can damage the tattoo. When all the scabs fall off, the skin can be treated as before the procedure (bearing in mind that the tattooed skin is still very sensitive).
We will give you all the instructions in the form of a leaflet. The healing process may proceed differently in everyone’s case – if you have any questions, please contact the tattooist.
Remember that after the healing process, it is advisable to always use a sun-tan oil with a high sunscreen (factor 50 +). This will prevent fading and “melting ” the details of your tattoo, and hence, expensive corrections, which would otherwise not be necessary.
Remember that the tattoo’s appearance depends only on you and how you take care of it!





Does tattooing hurt?


I think it’s a question with which we meet most frequently:)
Unfortunately, there is no clear answer. Everything depends on the individual resistance to pain, duration of the procedure, tattooed place, and method of tattooing , and even the current condition of the tattooed person. By default, it is assumed that the space directly on the bone (like a rib, shoulder, ankle) during the tattooing hurts most.
Due to the fact that the pain stimuli resistance decreases as tattooing proceeds, as well as the duration of the session, tattooing is an individual matter.





How much does a tattoo cost?


Starting price in our studio is PLN 200 and it is the lowest amount at which we make a tattoo. Compact designs usually are in the range from PLN 250 to PLN 300, respectively.
The final price depends on the individual project.
If the pattern will be made during a single session, the price is determined beforehand, but, if there are two or more sessions, the price will be calculated at an hourly rate and thus will depend on the final time of tattooing. The pricing is made by the tattooist on the basis of the design agreed with the client.
In case of large designs, where project preparation is needed (or several options to choose from), the cost of the project is included in the final price of the tattoo, but the deposit payment is required.





How long does it take to make a tattoo?


Tattooing depends on the pattern and the degree of complexity. We must remember that the smallest models will not always be the easiest to carry out, and hence they will not always take a short period of time.
Usually, one session lasts not more than 3 to 4 hours, due to the emerging skin fatigue, which prevents any dye to apply. However, this depends on the individual characteristics of each person, and that is why the session may take longer or shorter than usually.





Is tattooing safe?


In our studio the usage of disposable needles is a standard, and all materials that come into direct contact with the skin are used are specially secured, like razors and all elements with which both the customer and the tattoo artist have contact during the procedure.
We provide the highest standards of hygiene during the tattooing procedure. We also provide the best quality preparations and professional care which guarantee safety of both our customers and tattoo artists. The process of tattooing, which involves interference the skin, requires compliance with certain security rules – with their observance, we can guarantee our customers that their health will not be affected in any way.





Is it possible to make a tattoo on scars?


Scars can be covered with tattoos, provided that they are fresh (usually – a minimum of 2-3 years). Often, a well-made tattoo is a great way to cover unsightly scars. However, it is always an individual matter and requires matching the suitable mode. Before tattooing, it is best to go for a doctor’s consultation, and displaying certificate of contraindications to surgery.
Tattooing is a treatment for people seriously approaching the issue of their health, and our tattoo artists,, as professionals, cannot proceed tattooing if customers health issues remain unclear. Therefore, in this particular case, be sure to prior the consultation with your doctor!





What about stretch marks, freckles and moles?


The protruding moles cannot be tattooed, for safety reasons, these quite flat moles are also bypassed. In some cases we may ask for a medical certificate of no impediment to tattooing. The same is the case with stretch marks – you must consult your doctor first.
Freckles usually pose no contraindications, but these are issues of individual case, sometimes requiring consultation.





Removing a tattoo


In our studio we also offer laser tattoo removal services. All details can be found here:
Please note that not every model is suitable for a removal – arrange a free consultation.
We can also perform laser treatment together with covering the old tattoo – after the initial brightening, we cover-up the old tattoo.





Tattoo – what model to choose?


This is a question that cannot be answered equivocally. In our studio, we are not directed by fashion and trends – rather, we encourage customers to do something unique, something that will allow to show the craftsmanship of the tattoo artist. Such a model will not certainly be seen on others and will be a unique ornament of the body, not only the implementation of whims, which you might quickly get tired of.
Even the simplest design can be performed in an original and interesting way. If you are not able to choose anything for yourself, please contact our tattoo artists, and they will help you to choose something relevant, taking into account your preferences.
Look at the tattooists’ portfolio: Tattoo Artists





Temporary tattoo – is it worth making it?


Due to the fact that you cannot predict the behavior of a tattoo made in such a method, especially after some time – through the shallower placement of the dye under the skin, which becomes fragile, we do not recommend such solutions. Usually, in the process of disappearance of the dye, the pattern ” melts ” in an unattractive way. Often, after some time it remains on the skin in the form of spots, not disappearing completely.
There is no such thing as ” henna tattoo “. The tattoo exists only when the dye is introduced under the surface of the skin.
In our studio, we use only the permanent dyes, and therefore we neither make any temporary tattoos nor do we use henna painting designs.





Will I get anesthesia?


Usually when tattooing, local anesthesia is not applied. In cases of very severe sensitivity to pain, we recommend to go to the doctor for a prescription for a topical application ointment. We offer a lidocaine spray with extra charge (no prescription needed), but its use is only possible after the initial breach of the skin – as opposed to the ointment used about two hours before procedure, the spray is used already during the procedure, on the open skin.





What is allowed and what is not allowed before and after tattooing?


Before tattooing do not take blood thinners, drink alcohol or use other drugs, intensive sunbathing is also not recommended. Do not cream your skin. The important thing is for you to remember about being rested and refreshed, and not giving up tattooing while being hungry.





How to prepare for a tattoo ?


We assume that if you came to make a tattoo, you have already made a preliminary draft with the tattoo maker. However, if this step is still before you, first of all, think about how your tattoo should look like, what style should it be and what size. Bring all the photos and inspiration that will help a tattoo maker to prepare the project (you can also simply describe what you expect). We will prepare the design on the basis of a specific project and help you in choosing the right size, but the guidance with your expectations is essential for us.
Remember that accurate representation of your expectations will shorten the waiting time for the project.





Health contraindications


There are several contraindications to proceed tattooing. These include, among others, epilepsy, hemophilia, pregnancy and breast feeding, as well as all skin diseases.
There are also situations in which caution should be increased, as the tendency to fainting, allergic reactions, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. You need to tell about all such situations before tattooing procedure. For this purpose, before the tattooing procedure a special survey should be filled by each of our clients.
Tell the tattoo artist about the medicines you are taking, especially if they are blood thinners such as aspirin.





Is it possible to make a tattoo during pregnancy?


Making a tattoo during pregnancy as well as during breast-feeding is not recommended.





What if I won’t like the tattoo design anymore?


Always take into account that a tattoo is a decision for life. It is an obvious matter, but worth consideration when choosing the design:)
Professionally made tattoo is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible to remove. Often it is difficult to cover it with a new model, if for some reason you won’t like it anymore. Such treatments are time-consuming and lengthy, and also a lot more expensive than just tattooing the new model on a clean skin. Removing a tattoo is also more painful than the tattooing procedure itself.
Before you make such an important decision on something that will be with you for life, take this information into account. Think carefully about what kind of design you would like to have. If you cannot decide, or want to do something ” necessarily today, but not knowing yet what ” – come to us in a later term.
We may refuse to tattoo a person who makes a tattoo on impulse or is not convinced about the rightness of their decision.





What to ask a tattooist for? Who will make my tattoo?


You can, and even should, ask us about everything related to the process of tattooing and about everything that brings your doubts. If you have any questions about the procedure – do not hesitate to ask a professional tattoo artist, he/she will be happy to explain all.
If this is your first visit in our place, ask for the previous works made by the tattoo artists – after seeing them you will know whom to choose to make your tattoo.
Each of our tattoo artists has its own style, and therefore, depending on the model, your tattoo will be made by a person who feels best in a given topic. You have the right to ask about the sterility of the tools which you will be tattooed with – tattoo artist will open the disposable packaging in your presence and explain what he/she will do.
The manner of proceeding with the tattoo will be given after finishing tattooing.